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Ricotta Cheese Cookies

Ricotta Cookies are so good!!! One bite of these and you go, mmmm!   They are a  much sweeter cookie in comparison to the egg biscuits they resemble.  The ricotta cheese gives it a soft texture.   This is a favorite cookie of mine. I love the texture and the strong vanilla in them. I make them every Christmas. See more pictures in the slideshow…

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Chocolate Macaroons

These fudgy delicious macaroons get rave reviews from so many people when I make them!   They actually have no flour in them!   Be careful with the bake time, there is a wide variance in the time.   Macaroons are a delicate cookie and they don’t harden much while in the oven but they  harden more after they come out of the oven.  Every…

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Opera Fudge

  If you like white chocolate, try Opera Fudge! Typically Opera Fudge has just candied red cherries in it.  I added walnuts which you can leave out if you prefer. Yes, I serve Opera Fudge on an Opera Plate! That plate is a scene from Puccini’s “Madame Butterfly”.   This fudge is worthy of its name. It is exquisite! Like opera is! Enjoy!”