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I grew up “in” Rhode Island and I have spent my adult life “on” Long Island, as the locals say.  And both “Islands”  have shown me good fortune!  (Rhode Island is technically not an island!)  They both have a rich food culture unique to its own that’s for sure!  But they have one thing in common!  They both do share a love of seafood!

I have been so lucky to have such great cooks in my family, immediate and extended, and in my friendships.  These wonderful people readily and lovingly shared their recipes with me through the years.  My mother was famous for her open door Sunday dinners which lasted the entire afternoon through the evening for anyone.  She had great food available any day of the week  for whatever relative, friend, or neighbor might walk through her door.  Our milkman was our dear uncle Tony… and a 6am delivery several times a week meant coffee was ready with maybe a plate of Rhode Island doughboys she just made, or a polenta casserole, or maybe a frittata kept warm on the top of the stove.  She taught me a lot about preparing food, but more importantly, the gift of hospitality was ingrained in me just by watching her.  I believe in especially serving people who serve others.  So often I see good people who do so much for others at church, or in other areas of the community, and I like to treat them well with special dishes to show them how much I appreciate what they do for others.

From when I was a pre-teen I began cooking and baking, saving and researching recipes and techniques, occasionally taking courses online or in a local class. I am convinced good results come not just from the recipes, but from the techniques.  A recipe has to be well written to understand the preparation techniques.  The more you learn why you do something, the better cook or baker you will be.  A simple example a lot of people already know is the difference between folding an ingredient into a batter as opposed to mixing it in.  The science behind it is how much incorporated air you want to be in the mixture.

I also am interested in the nutritional ingredients in recipes, hence why I always put that information on the bottom of each recipe.  I like to know how many calories I am eating and how many carbs, fats, and sugars are in it.  If I think my recipe is a low calorie one, or a low carb, sugar, or fat one, I will tell you upfront and I have cross-referenced them in the low calorie section as well.  Also included in these low calorie recipes is how many Weight Watcher points that low calorie recipe is for those of you interested in knowing that.

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  1. I live “in” Rhode Island. It’s not an island 😶

  2. Angie:

    This is a wonderful site! Your recipes look very good. It is so nice of you to share your recipes. I love the added photos.

    I am especially glad you have an egg biscuit recipe since we cannot find my mom’s recipe (she too had boxes of recipes…they are in my basement.) I will have to make them.

    So is the milkman story about my dad? (i never knew that!)


    • Thanks, Carolyn! Glad about the egg biscuit recipe, you will like this one. Oh yes, that was your Dad! I edited the story now, so that is clear it was my dear Uncle Tony! He never failed to sit down and chat for a few minutes with coffee and whatever my Mom had on the stove. He loved to talk! I have great memories of those mornings! What a kind, loving, funny, sweetheart of a man he was!

  3. Loved this! I look for low cal and quick dinners ..the combo is a challenge. I enjoy this site and will visit often .Ill look forward to a low cal cheese cake too 🙂

    • Glad you like it, Tricia and thanks for the compliment! Yes, low cal, quick, and it’s got to be so delicious no one knows it’s low cal or quick! LOL 🙂

  4. Looks good ma. I always enjoyed the fruits of all your cooking! Now with my weight loss plan I have to have no more than 20gm of carbs and 1000 calories per day…very difficult with an Italian mom, especially since i love all the sweets. Maybe when we come you can make some things with splenda for me? Lol! See you soon. Love you!

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