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Besides being a foodie here are some other sides of me in case you are interested:  

teacher (retired), pianist, opera lover, concert goer, church choir member,  jewelry designer, wife, mother, grandmother, gardener,  crocheter, knitter, and I love to travel and read anything and everything, but mostly non- fiction.

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  1. I have sampled lots of your delicious dishes over the years. What a delight just to sit here and read all the wonderful recipes and thoughts you have shared. I will definitely try some. What a cook! What a musician! What a teacher! What a FRIEND!!! Love you!

    • Thanks Donna, my bestie, my roommate from way back in our college dorm years, and my BFF!! We have in common our college, our music, we are teachers, our church choirs (in different states!), we are classical musicians, our Italian heritage, our common home state of Rhode Isand, but our huge love of cooking and baking can keep us on the phone for hours! Glad you finally cruised into here because you are a phenominal cook and if you dig in deep you will find a few of your recipes I have credited to you! You also are a fabulous baker who loves to try new things and experiment like I do and you have given me wonderful recipes and tips through the years! Love you lots! Have fun on your retirement and start a cookbook, or website, will you please!

  2. Hi Auntie, If you like to read you should try this series. I would love to hear what you think of it.
    By Wendy Alec, 2005-2012

  3. So happy to call you friend for many years past and into the future as well. Love you lady to infinity and beyond!

  4. I love your site. Everything is good. What a great thing to share with your friends. Glad I am called your friend.

  5. aw… Thanks, Diane, my very special friend indeed! Georgia to New York is a long way, but our friendship has never wavered over the years due to distance. That is truly a blessing from God!

  6. I love every single part that you are. I am blessed to call you my friend.

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