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Here is a no-fail traditional Spanish flan recipe and what a treat this is! The creamy custard is so light and just mildly sweet, letting all the rich sweetness come from the delectable caramel syrup that surrounds the flan.   I like flan the lighter, traditional way without cream cheese. The cream cheese flans are more of a cheesecake. This way is more of a custard. This…

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Chili, Like Wendy’s – For Real!

“Everyone has a favorite chili recipe, I am sure! Wendy’s Chili is our favorite, and I finally found a way to make it as good as theirs, even after trying so many of the copycat Wendy’s out there. Not one hit it right…except this one! Sometimes I change the type beans, depending on what I have, or I use 2 different kinds of beans, but…

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