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EASIEST Mini Fruit Pastries Ever!

Only two ingredients! If you want a FAST, shortcut way to make mini pastries, this is it! They are SO good too! There are times you need FAST! Sure, you can make your own pastry dough and filling from scratch! Sure you can make hand pies or turnovers, or mini pie cups! This way is a time-saver when you are short on time! NO need…

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Cream Puffs

 This oldie but goodie Cream Puff recipe is my favorite and it never fails! It is the one my Mom used, so it is decades old! I’ve experimented with several newer cream puff recipes and to me, this one is the easiest and the best!  And I’ve never had it fail! It is a basic, classic French pastry recipe. Profiterole is the French word for cream…

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