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Beef Barley Soup in a Slow Cooker

Based on Betty Crocker’s wonderful recipe for Beef Barley Soup, this one’s a keeper! The interesting history of barley soup goes back centuries, and some say it pre-dates written history! If you are wondering where it Beef Barley Soup orginated, culinary historians will say SCOTLAND! No surprise to me! LOL It is one of my favorite soups! I love the broth of this one! It’s…

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Cape Breton Scones ~ My Way

Cape Breton Scones are very popular throughout Canada, not just in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia! I visited this beautiful town and had the famous, delicious Cape Breton Scones. Now I’ve been using this recipe for quite a few years, and after sampling the real deal, I can say that I am very happy with this recipe! I use the traditional currants or raisins, but I…

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Blueberry Scones

  Blueberry Scones made my way have a blueberry overload! A scone really is in between a muffin and a biscuit. I make scones the American way which is a little different than European scones across the pond! Americans like their scones a little sweet, fluffy, and moist, almost like a muffin but not quite. Europeans prefer scones leaning more towards a biscuit and not so…

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