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Cape Breton Scones ~ My Way

   “Europeans and Canadians like their scones on the drier side, more like a biscuit. Americans however seem to prefer scones a little sweeter and somewhat moist, leaning more towards a muffin than a biscuit. Cape Breton Scones are very popular throughout Canada, not just in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. I recently visited this beautiful place and had fun tasting some Cape Breton Scones. Now…

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Blueberry Scones

  “Blueberry Scones made my way, with a blueberry overload, and the American way, sweet and fluffy, almost like a muffin but not quite. A scone really is a taste between a muffin and a biscuit,  but this leans more towards a muffin. The top has a bit of a crunch to it from the milk and sugar. I think Americans like their scones a little…

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Cranberry Orange Scones

“This is my own version of cranberry scones with lots of orange zest.   I like my scones the American way, sweet and soft.  Europeans prefer a drier and less sweet scone. This is soft and yummy bursting with plenty of real cranberries. A very nice scone for the fall holidays.  Great served warm or cold.     Enjoy!” Servings 16   Bake Time: 23 – 25…

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