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New York Crumb Cake

New York Crumb Cake is known for having more crumbs than cake! This is our family staple with crumbs like you’ve never tasted before….thanks to my mother-in-law, Ruth, who was famous for this crumb cake!  The crumbs are not overly sweet and there’s a lot of them piled high! You can use the crumb recipe on top of anything else…. muffins, cupcakes, breads, pies. To…

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Crunchy Top 8-inch Coffee Cake with Fruit

This coffee cake has a crunchy shortbread topping, pecans, and a layer of fruit. It is a favorite of mine! And of Bill’s, and he just asked for it again! Add a layer of any fruit on top of the batter. I’ve done strawberries, then a pear one, once a combination one, and this one pictured has mandarin oranges. Whatever I feel like! They all…

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