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5-Minute Fudge

NO COOKING THIS FUDGE, NO THERMOMETER either! This is SUPER FAST and the EASIEST fudge I have ever made. You will see this popular recipe with slight variations everywhere! I have several fudge recipes I love, but they can be tricky to prevent a grainy texture and they have to be made just right! All candy making has to be very precise! Well, I was…

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Almond Candy (Croccante)

This almond candy is the ultimate Christmastime candy in my house! I can just hear my oldest son’s voice when he sees it… You made Almond Candy!! In Italian it is called Croccante, and it is a special candy to make for the holidays. I always shape it into a wreath. This particular recipe was hard to come by for years! It is one of…

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Easy Fantasy Fudge

This is my NO-FAIL, EASY, creamy and delicious chocolate fudge recipe that I love! I have a few favorite fudge recipes and this oldie-but-goodie is one I make a lot! This great vintage recipe first appeared on the back of a Kraft marshmallow creme jar. It has been around for decades and is loved by so many cooks! It uses marshmallow creme and evaporated milk….

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Old-Fashioned Penuche

“This buttery rich, creamy, caramel-y praline soft fudge recipe is so delicious! Bill’s mother made this old-fashioned penuche recipe which she got from HER mother.  I date this back to the 1950’s or maybe the 1940’s.  It was a hit back then and is still amazing now!     There are so many variations of Penuche Fudge!  It is very popular in the southern United States…

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Opera Fudge

  If you like white chocolate, try Opera Fudge! Typically Opera Fudge has just candied red cherries in it.  I added walnuts which you can leave out if you prefer. Yes, I serve Opera Fudge on an Opera Plate! That plate is a scene from Puccini’s “Madame Butterfly”.   This fudge is worthy of its name. It is exquisite! Like opera is! Enjoy!”