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Artichokes!  Either you love them or you hate them!  I love them!  I like them both Stuffed or Unstuffed, but more often I make them unstuffed so I don’t get so full from the stuffing and can have more leaves! I love the leaves as much as the heart!  Here are two recipes, one for the Unstuffed and one for the Stuffed version. I have…

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Bird’s Nest Cookies for Easter/Spring

Baking with the Kiddies for some Easter/Springtime fun in the kitchen!   You need some sugar cookies! Make your own, or use a box mix or dairy case sugar cookie dough or just buy some sugar cookies! It’s up to you! Then frost them with white or chocolate frosting. Sprinkle some tinted coconut for the nests and put jellybeans on top for the eggs! That’s…

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Rice Ricotta Pie

This is my nod to an Italian Easter tradition I grew up with….Rice pies! Families had their own variations of the Easter rice pie, and I have tasted many! This is my favorite, with ricotta cheese. I got this recipe from my Aunt Gloria, who was an excellent cook and baker! It is really smooth and delicious! It is a very easy pie to make!…

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