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                Foodie:  noun, an aficionado of food and drink         foodie1-

Cup of Tea     .IMG_7978  I don’t know about you, but I love tea, and tea time!  I like going to tea rooms, and I host formal teas with my knitting and crocheting girls.  We get together weekly at each other’s homes to knit and crochet for charities.  Then we break and have tea time!  I love the scones,  finger sandwiches, and fine desserts!  One local tearoom has a dressing room where you can find hats, gloves, and scarves to wear for your teatime.   Such a fun place to experience.

IRish food quote

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  1. I could see you the star of one of those popular cooking shows.:)

    • To Tricia, a favorite niece of mine….thanks for such a great compliment…… but no way and no way 🙂 I have too many favorites not to share with anyone who is interested, but this is as far as I’ll go! LOL

  2. Yum! Can’t wait to finally get my hands on some of your recipes Angie!

  3. Hi Angie’ I cant find your rum cake

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