And Why Did I Start This?


Hello and welcome to my Open Recipe Box!   Yes, I get asked that question, “Why did I start this?”  “Why am I doing this?”  It is not for any profit.   And I guess it is because I have all these great recipes I’ve saved through the years and I keep researching new ones that I just have to share them.  

These are my actual recipes cards but my cookbook collection really needs an entire room with shelves just for them!  So I wanted a place for family and friends to easily get my tried and true, old and new recipes as well as a way for you to share yours with me.

“Can I have that recipe?” is a question I hear often and one I’ve asked many great cooks and bakers myself over the years. I’ve always believed in freely sharing recipes, after all, what good is keeping a recipe you like to yourself?

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION is important to me since I like to know how many calories I am eating and what’s in it. That is included at the end of each recipe.  All the LOW CALORIE and SUPER FAST recipes are cross-referenced.  

SUPER FAST RECIPES to me means no more than 10 minutes from start to finish!  

 I hope you like it here and come back often to check my posts!!  I sure do appreciate your likes and comments right here on the webpage even more than on the facebook page.  

Please let me know if you tried a recipe from my box!  Even send me a picture of something you made from here and I will post it!  And feel free to send me a message if you have a great recipe you want to share from your box! 

Happy cooking, happy baking, and enjoy!

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  1. to Anonymous7/26/14: Thank you so much for the compliments and so glad you enjoy my site! It is wonderful you also had a mother who loved to cook! The old-time cooking done by our some of our mothers and grandmothers was so creative. Some made great meals with very little, or they were forced to create new dishes with leftovers, over and over. Today many of those dishes are considered gourmet! Thanks again for stopping by my pages!


  2. Angie, I want to eat your whole page. How prolific a cook can one get. Mealtime has to be pure pleasure at your house. Just like your mom, my mom was also a great cook. As a matter of fact, her recipe for Bajan Fish Cakes appears alongside her kindergarten picture in the widely distributed, “Brooklyn Cookbook”, but she doesn’t come near to the scale of recipes that you guys produce. I’m going to let my daughter know about your fantastic page….she loves to cook too.

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  3. Love this recipe. Will now have to look for a scones pan and make them !! Thanks.


    • A scones pan makes it so much easier and neater! You can buy an 8-wedge or 16 wedge scone pan. I have both. When I am watching calories I’ll make the minis! LOL I like scones a lot because they are not as sweet or fattening as a muffin and they are a nice little “comfort” food! 🙂

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  4. Hi, Angie. I’ve come to repay your visit to my “place” and like what I’ve seen. Your Mother sounds like a wonderful woman — and talented cook — and I long for the days when “Bill”, our milkman, would drop off the dairy products for my family. Will you ever forget the clink-clink-clink of the bottles as he carried them to-and-from his truck? I’ll be back, as I look forward to reading more of your blog.

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    • Thanks for the compliments! They mean a lot coming from a fellow food blogger! I’ve been to Italy but I never realized that San Marino was a separate republic! I’ll look forward to more of your blog when you return in July!


  5. Hi Angie,

    Do you have any recipes for rice pudding? If so could you post on your website? Someone loves rice pudding and I would like to make him one. Thanks


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  6. Thank you for stopping in today and visit so many of my posts Angie. Looks like you have quite a recipe collection here. I’m going to go take a good hard look around. 🙂

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  7. Wow! You are such a great cook and baker! In so glad you have this site to get to all of your wonderful recipes, and perfect nutrition info!

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  8. Hi, Angie! Congratulations on your new webpage! This is such an exciting endeavor!!!!!!! I look forward to accessing many of your recipes that I have enjoyed over the years. My favorite is the Pecan/Cheese Pie which you served me on my first visit to your home….over three and a half decades ago. My husband’s favorite recipe is your Irish Soda Bread! He always says that your recipe for this St. Patty’s day treat is the very BEST that he has ever tasted!!!! Thanks for making your recipes available to your fans!!!

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    • Thanks, Jean! I have the classic pecan pie on here, but the pecan cheese pie I will post and I will do the Soda Bread one for sure! Glad he enjoys my soda bread as much as i do!


  9. All your tasty recipes on line? I can’t wait to start trying them! How creative! I am adding your website to my favorites list right now.

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    • Thanks so much Barbara! Your compliment means a lot since you are such a great baker and cook yourself! I just started doing a website this week, what else could I do with all these great recipes I’ve collected?! This is a good way to share with family and friends plus I think it is fun. I’ll be posting a few a week, but right now in the beginning I am trying to post more.


  10. Ange you are the one I call when I am in a fix for the “very best” recipe. I have memories of you, in the kitchen at 12 and13 years of age (wearing your apron), cooking and baking all “those goodies”. Awesome cook and baker! Looking forward to trying more of your recipes!

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    • Thanks sis! You are an awesome cook and baker yourself! Looking forward to a few recipes of yours to post on here with pictures of you in them! Let’s share the wealth of years of great food and family traditions!


  11. Thanks, Angie. I will enjoy making some of these recipes. I’ve been looking for Italian recipes from my “youth”. You have helped with that.

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    • Thanks, Carol! I have tried a lot of great Italian recipes, old world and new that I like, but I love cooking and baking from other cultures. It is the same God-giving food all around the world, but isn’t it just amazing how creative people are preparing it in so many ways!


  12. Angie, I am so excited that you are doing this. You are an amazing cook and baker and I can’t wait to try some of your recipes. I know this is a passion of yours and it makes me smile to see you live it!

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  13. Thanks Nancy! It is amazing how those cookbooks add up! Let me know if you tried something from here!

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  14. Angie, what a great idea. I too, have about 500 cookbooks. I have them from all over the world.

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